Remembering Someone I’d Forgotten…

Where to begin? Well I guess it’s only natural to start with the band and their roots in music. According to Wikipedia, Linkin Park was originally founded by three high school friends: Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, and Brad Delson. under the name “Xero”. Chester Bennington wasn’t added until later on,

Chester Bennington from “One Step Closer” music video

originally hailing from Arizona, this former lead singer of a post-grunge band called “Grey Daze”, would go on to join the band in late 1999.  With this new duo of almost polar opposite vocalist, the band changed their name from “Xero” to

Cover art of Linkin Park’s Debut Breakout Album “Hybrid Theory”

“Hybrid Theory” (which would later go on to be the title of their breakout album).  They’d release a self-titled EP (Hybrid Theory) and would eventually go on to change their name once again to what we now know them as, “Linkin Park”, which is a variation on the actual Lincoln Park in Santa Monica, California.

It was then, the band focused on their explosive album (their best in my opinion) and the final version of Hybrid Theory, a chaotic blend of guitar power chords over DJ Hahn cuts, with two unique vocalists whose styles would meld an everlasting impression on me all through my high school years. The devastating combo of Mike’s rhythmic flow, and hard hitting in your face lyrics, blended melodically with Chester’s beautiful range of angry roars that we now know could almost

Linkin Park Photo I had taped on my wall from Guitar World Magazine

be viewed as a cry for help. I still remember the day I bought their CD for $8 at “The Wall” music store in Greenbrier Mall located in Chesapeake, Virginia, and the feeling of anticipation of getting to play it when I got home, as my father didn’t have a CD player in his truck.

Me and My Linkin Park Singing Cousin (Left: Cousin, Right: Me)

I’ll cherish the long nights of playing this album and singing it with my cousin, and arguing over who gets to be Chester/Mike for each song, or that one time we sang “One Step Closer” at a Karaoke bar in a Richmond Hotel, before getting kicked out for being underage, we were only 15 at the time.  I’ll never forget the countless days of coming home from school, putting this album on heavy rotation, while throwing darts in my room, or pretending I was Chester himself, belting out those bone chilling, goosebump giving lyrics that impacted my heart and soul, maybe those tears I sometimes cried while singing weren’t mine, but his all along.  As I’m listening to the album while writing this, I get a warmth of a better time, when the biggest worry in my life was, would Stephanie say “Yes” if I asked her to a high school dance. I mean how could she say no, I had beautiful bleached blonde hair at the time.

Me in High School with Beautiful Bleached Blonde Hair.

She divisively said “NO!” Back to this album I went to deal with the frustrations of having to grow up and the angst of a teen who’s been rejected by his High School crush, at least my crush for that semester.  I’d go on to live my life up until this point, a point where Linkin Park was almost an after thought to me, until I was rattled with the news today that Chester Bennington had hung himself, letting his demons finally get to him, but in a twisted way rekindling my love for an album that once was a big part of my life.  It’s unfortunate however that it happened under these terms, but I guess life works in mysterious ways.

Unfortunately over the years the band has been viewed in society with a, “Nickelback” like quality, and if I’m being truly honest, I viewed them in this same light, as I stopped following their music career after the Meteora album. I’m not sure what came over me to write about this incident, or why I feel so upset over someone taking their life that I honestly hadn’t thought of in a long time, but “There’s only one thing you should know. I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.”  Rest in Peace Chester Bennington, 1976-2017.



Average Man Podcast Ep11

In this episode we discuss the pitfalls of comedy and how I still have a lot to learn, but it’s challenging and fun. Then I delve into the pitfalls of being a FBI director, and how much his severance package is worth, you read that right, his severance package is news. Pushing forward I discuss my Pens and why they’re my team and moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Senators, should be a good match up.  Finally we conclude with our Commander in Chief and why we’re always comparing him to hypotheticals, it’s shocking to always see people defending his actions, with what others “would” have done, anyway enjoy the show!

Has The Internet Gone Too Far?

Has the internet gone too far, or is it just getting started? I venture to ask this question as I’ve seen a growing rate of internet fopaux’s circling the world wide web in the recent years. The downfall occurred right around 2010, I noticed that social media was becoming more and more geared to driving this country apart and pointing out our differences rather than our similarities. I’ve always felt like this was a turn for the worst as we started attacking people for scrupulous reasons, like a white knight in a suit of rusty armor, that’s not as shiny as we thought. The so-called “PC movement” has embarked a pitchfork yielding witch-hunt of dire proportions, while constantly pointing out everyone else’s flaws hoping that no one will see our own. Since 2010 it appears that eman-475559_640veryone has chinks in their armor, but try to fill those gaps of self-loathing by constantly gazing to find the error in others, and this cycle of demoralizing people around you has caused an epidemic of self entitlement and an “I’m holier than thou” type mentality that is crippling this country. The internet plays a major role in this perpetual downfall of society, specifically social media, as it has given a vessel for people to express their opinions on a wide range of topics with little to no research or knowledge on said subject. What happened to the good ol’days when the only time you had to worry about the crazy idiot spewing nonsense was located at your local watering hole, and everyone knew “Ah, that’s just Willy, he’s crazy.” It was a simpler time when you could keep an eye on the village idiot, just feed him drinks until he either passed out and you got him a cab, or he crashed his car on the way home. Twitter and more specifically Facebook has been a launching ground for proprietary idiom’s with moronic tones and a subconscious racial foundation for opinions to be laid upon, thus perpetfacebook-76536_640uating the differences that separate us and make us unique. I feel that being an individual is not accepted in most cultures anymore and we need to either fall in line or get out of the way, because there is a change coming and if we don’t recognize now how we’ve been getting programmed for the past half decade, well, we might as well just stay tuned in to our regular scheduled program of Social Media. The internet sparks much controversy as it should, I mean it’s literally a living, breathing organism that’s man made, often tried to be controlled by the gatekeepers, but as stories and lore would tell us, eventually the created becomes too big for the creators, leading to a shift in power over that control. The world wide web is much like the Declaration of Independence, in that the founders never had the foresight to see how enormous of a monster they were creating, they simply did what they thought was best for the country at the time, not fulling grasping the idea of what might be. We have no way of knowing what the future holds, but I’ll tell you this, Social Media and the Internet will play a major part in the years to come, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you on our life away from our lives.

Average Man Podcast Ep10

In this episode we discuss Ellen Degeneras and her Tweet with the fastest man in the world. We move onto the ITT tech closing and how that effects the students mentally and financially. I dig into a local story of a crazy ex girlfriend, because here in Florida there is no shortage of that! Finally we end with Brock Turner, America’s bad boy swimmer (Who would of thought someone would use the words Bad Boy, to describe a swimmer) who was released from prison recently, after a laughable 3 month stint.

Tyrannical Tuesday 8/9

Tonight we embark on a wonderful journey to the Burg of St. Pete, where I will entice with laughter and rule like a Tyrant. Starting out at Coconuts Comedy Club slinging jokes, then we’ll relocate to Sly Bar to grill up some more bars. If you’re in the area, be sure to come out for a great night of laughs on this dreary Tuesday. I’ll add photos And possible video to capture this epic night of laughs, subscribe to avoid the hype of people saying”I subscribed before it was cool.” Thanks for reading and remember, “Tragedy without Comedy, is a Travesty”.

Average Man Podcast Ep09

In this longer than normal episode we “Run it back” to July 4th and the hardships of being sober, and driving home in Jacksonville after a BBQ. We then drop bars about Drillary Clinton’s “Thug Life” and how she should have a mix tape coming out. We then take a Taxi to Boston to deal with and discuss one “Cabbies” misfortune, and try to understand a father who left his baby in the car. I then run the “Power-I” offense on The University of Tennessee and delve into their “Clean” student-athletes. Finally we end with a joyous discussion about TSA Agents and how they’re just “people” too!

Fast Food, Fast Life….and Death.

mcdonalds-1340199_960_720Food, it makes the world go round, and sometimes people. Growing up with a love/hate relationship towards delicacies such as, hamburger helper and Stouffer’s lasagna, can drive a man to appreciate the finer things in life. Food has always weighed heavy on me, literally, from the Kings of Burger to the Mac’s of Big, I’ve always had a definitive love for fast food. This kinship of such developed at a young age, as me and my family tended to eat out a lot. We’d go out almost every weekend to restaurants varying from buffets like Golden Corral, to the more decadent and always fancy Outback (they bake their own croutons for crying out loud). In a world that’s constantly evolving and progressing, one thing stays true, that fast food is here to stay also. They contribute to the overwhelming population that craves those salty frozen beef patties and the golden fries tabstract-1238247_960_720hat appear to be covered in crack rocks disguised as salt. I’ve developed sort of an addiction to fast food and that has lead to me being the biggest I’ve ever been and it’s off-putting, but seems to be a quick and convenient fix to satisfy the dopamine levels in my brain. It’s like a constant battle of destroying serotonin in my blood, it’s like I love torturing myself at night with not getting a good nights sleep. These problems seem to arise, but for some reason I seem not to care, because that delicious processed frozen food that I know is literally killing me as I eat it, has taken control over french-fries-616115_960_720 my sense of rationality. With all the advancement in modern science, you’d think people wouldn’t keep subjecting themselves to these atrocities called “Fast Food”, but we seem to throw caution to the McGriddle and keep consuming these disease causing little biscuits of joy. I’m trying to learn to deal with my love for fast food, but It’s an uphill battle, and as history shows us, fat people don’t do hills well. Stay hungry my friends.


Average Man Podcast Ep08

In this episode we talk about Orlando’s bad week and how the south remains classy about their flag decisions. I also tread water with dinosaurs a.k.a alligators, while maintaining my posture on Social Media and how it’s ruining lives (seems to be a reoccurring theme, hmm). I throw my banana in the ring about the whole Harambe story and try to figure out why his life was taken, so close to being able to get some of that gorilla good good. #GorillaLivesMatter